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Our Products

Live Inspired provides scheduled messaging services for clients in multiple domains

  • TextMyQuit (TMQ)

    TMQ is an interactive, research-based smoking cessation tool proven to significantly improve outcomes through daily text messaging. TMQ was developed in partnership with researchers with the Centers for Behavioral and Preventive Medicine at the Miriam Hospital/Brown University in Rhode Island.

  • CourtText

    CourtText provides Drug Courts with an interactive tool to improve program compliance by connecting participants with text-based support when they need it most. CourtText was developed in partnership with the National Development and Research Institute in New York.

  • Daily Inspiration

    We believe that doing positive actions, no matter how small, help us live more healthy, productive lives. Daily Inspiration sends you daily text messages from some of the most inspiring authors/thinkers of our time including His Holiness The Dalai Lama.

Text My Quit

TTQ is an 8 week Stages of Change program proven to help smokers prepare to quit, quit and stay quit. We know there may be struggles, TTQ will be by your side helping you reach your goal. Here is how it works:

  • Sign up and set a quit date – TTQ will guide you to your quit date with messages specifically designed to get you mentally and physically prepared. If you decide you need a little more time, let TTQ know and the program will adjust to fit your schedule. We know how hard this can be!
  • Quit Day – On your quit day, and every day after, you will receive messages to help you stay smoke-free. But quitting is hard and we recognize there will be bumps along the way.
  • Have a craving? Text Crave and get immediate help.
  • Have a slip? That is ok, just let TTQ know and it will help you bounce back.
  • If you relapse and need to start over, TTQ will guide you through that process with messages specific to your situation

Interested in adding text messaging or chatbots to your research study?

Reach out to us. Our system works with a variety so sources and channels to make to improve the outcomes of your research. 


We have over 15 years combined experience working with Drug Courts. In 2008, we recognized that the Live Inspired text message program could benefit Drug Court participants. We partnered with the Brooklyn Treatment Court and the National Development and Research Institute to develop a program specifically to help Drug Courts maintain positive communication with their clients. When participants graduated from phase 1 to phase 2 they were signed up for the program. Twice a day they received text messages to help keep them focused on their recovery. Each message was signed with the judge’s initials. The participants loved it!

Here are some testimonials from participants

  • I found them very helpful. In the morning time, my phone would go off and it’d be something to lift me up and I can go back to each one of them and read them all. Today, I still read ‘em, you know if I’m on a train or whatever, so you know, it was very helpful. - Female,35
  • It’s just a nice little reminder of where and why I’m getting them. - Male 22
  • It’s cute, I like it. It shows that she’s there… she’s out there to help you and if she didn’t want to help you, she wouldn’t inspire you to do good. - Female,21

CourtText can be configured to fit your needs and includes Polling, Mobile Opt-in,Detailed Reporting and Custom messaging


Interested in adding text messaging or chatbots to your research study?

Reach out to us. Our system works with a variety so sources and channels to make to improve the outcomes of your research. 

Daily Inspiration

Live Inspired founders Rob Foster and Chris Deutsch once walked 100 miles across Indiana to meet the Dalai Lama and ask for a partnership to send his teachings to the world via text message. He agreed, and Daily Inspiration was born.

Choose your content, build your schedule and start receiving daily inspiration today.



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